Nisville Foundation in collaboration with the music schools Nis and Leskovac start the project "Jazz – A Multicultural Expression" - music workshops for young people in six towns in southern Serbia: Nis, Leskovac, Vranje, Vladicin Han, Bosilegrad and Bujanovac.

Nisville is especially proud that the importance of this project was recognized by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and the Office of the Government of Serbia for Cooperation with Civil Society – that provided financial support to the project "Jazz - A multicultural expression"  through the "EU Civil Society Facility Serbia 2011 - 2013" Programme. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the cultural diversity and tolerance through effective citizen participation in the promotion of intercultural dialogue and regional reconciliation, but also to music education and the creation of new artistic horizons. The main focus will be to organize joint concerts of jazz music youth in these cities in order to increase awareness of intercultural dialogue and tolerance for differences between the cultural influences of different ethnicities (Serbian Albanian, Roma and Bulgarian) that contributed to the current cultural identity of the people of southern Serbia. When speaing of financing provided for this project, funds approved are strictly dedicated, that are to be used for its implementation and it will not possiblebe to utilize them for covering costs of organizing of the Nisville Jazz Festival 2014, as well as of the traditional free Nisville workshops.

Implementation of the project "Jazz – A Multicultural Expression" involves that the selected participants, with pre-selected to local coordinators - experienced musicians, will each work in their own city and prepare their own program, as well as three joint compositions that will be on the program of the band made of young jazz musicians from all cities.


The action plan provides that each band performs in their town for the World Day of Jazz on 30 April, then are planned three two-days meeting of all participants in Nis, Leskovac and Vranje, during which they will be practiced joint compositions and performances of all students in each of the cities - with the provision that the performance of Nis will be part of the Nisville Jazz Festival – at a particular - Jazz Youth Stage.

In order to draw attention to the importance of jazz as a point of connection of different backgrounds and cultures, in all the cities will soon be held seminars for representatives of local authorities and public discussion for citizens, representatives of educational and cultural institutions, civil society and the media.

All these activities will be filmed for the DVD album planned, six TV shows with recording of concerts, one TV documentary and a web site www.omladinskajazzmreza.nisville.com will be launched with all information about the project, by which practically begins the story of the Jazz Youth Network of Serbia.

 Anticipated quotas, when it comes to the number of participants from each of the towns, are 10 participants from Nis, Leskovac and Vladicin Han and 5 from Bujanovac, Vranje and Bosilegrad.

Representatives of Nisville Foundation as the lead partner and of music schools in Leskovac and Nis already visited all these towns and conducted interviews with local coordinators and the representatives of local authorities who have pledged their support to the project.

The idea of ​​the project "Jazz – A Multicultural Expression" was practically self-imposed after years of experience with organizing Nišville workshops - free jazz workshops which are traditionally held at the time of the Nisville Jazz Festival, for which in recent years a great interest not only from young musicians of Nis and the region of southern Serbia, but also from all over the country and even abroad. The fact is that it was thanks to the "Nisville workshops" in recent years in the region, especially in Nis, appeared more quality jazz, funk and blues bands. An important foothold in the idea of this project is also the fact that jazz is in the official school curriculum in this part of Serbia, in the Leskovac Music School for several years exists the jazz department, while the Nis Music School has its jazz section.



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